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Fire-fight much?

In today’s “I need it now” world, every brand is scrambling to get products to customers at the right place, right time, and right quantity. From managing procurement and manufacturing to logistics and inventory planning, your teams are in constant fire-fighting mode, digging through mountains of spreadsheets for what they need to plug the latest operational gap.
Are you making it worse?

The traditional way of solving this problem—based on throwing more people at it—unfortunately makes it worse. Your teams are running so fast trying to get stuff out that adding people actually hurts you more. Short-sighted “in the moment” decisions and costly spot-market purchases take a heavy toll on your customer satisfaction and your economics.
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Want to get out of fire fighting across your supply chain? Learn how focusing on product availability can help you transform your operations.

Get in the know
Ready for a new way?

What if you could discover and mitigate supply chain problems across procurement, manufacturing, logistics and inventory, before they impact your customers and your economics? Companies that digitally connect their multi-enterprise operations are able to orchestrate the flow of information and materials across their global partner ecosystem, allowing them to proactively act on risks and opportunities. This has allowed them to realize hundreds of millions in savings, inventory reduction, and top-line growth.
Enter Elementum

The Elementum Orchestration Platform sits on top of your transaction systems and instruments your multi-enterprise supply chain, providing AI-driven Alerts that identify and anticipate potential problems in your operations and an Incident Management workflow to drive rapid resolution. The platform leverages machine learning to increasingly automate the discovery and resolution of problems.