Data Driven Workflows

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Cloud-native, no-code applications that continuously automate the manual, repetitive activities that consume 40% or more of your team’s daily workload

Say goodbye to human middleware.

Let your data initiate and execute business processes, automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

Who it works for

Supply Chain Management

Turn one-off exceptions (late shipments, stockouts, OS&D, etc.) into structured, automated processes that increase visibility and accountability while saving time and money.

IT & Data

Simplify your service management and data management needs with no-code administration, intuitive user interfaces, and native, direct connection to your Data Cloud.

Risk & Compliance

Centralize all of your risk and compliance activities. Trigger proactive workflows, automate assignments, and track status in real-time. Collaborate directly with your auditors or other third parties with a complete audit log.

Finance & HR

Turn all those one-off tasks that happen outside the ERP and HCMS into structured, auditable processes. Increase visibility and accountability with configurable dashboards, analytics and reminders.

Access your Data
Without Integrations

Elementum’s cloud-native architecture enables instant access to data stored within your data cloud or data warehouse. Simply point and click. No connectors, APIs, or EDI required.

Cloud-native also means better performance and  scalability because your data never moves. It’s viewed right within your own data cloud, so there’s no latency sending data back-and-forth.

It’s also more secure. According to Forbes, API

exploits increased 286% in 2022, and 91% of organizations had suffered some sort of API security incident. With Elementum, your data stays within your cloud where it’s fully auditable, and there are no endpoints to be exploited.   

Access your data to start automating critical business processes within minutes, securely and in real-time.   

Select From
Pre-Built Apps or Build Your Own

Turn time-consuming, ad-hoc activities into seamless, high-performing processes. 

Take advantage of out-of-the-box workflows, automations, dashboards, and analytics. 

Or, build your own app in minutes with no-code, drag-and-drop administration.

Keep your apps private or share them internally or externally with robust user permissioning. Available on the web or mobile.

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