Reporting Elementum security issues.

Whitehat Elroy



If you’ve found a security issue, thank you! We appreciate your help. This page describes how we handle security issues and how to best contact us.

Public Disclosure

  1. While we evaluate and fix the issue, we respectfully ask that you hold off on publicly announcing any details until we can roll out a patch.

  2. Depending on the severity of the issue, we usually wait 10 business days before contacting our stakeholders about the vulnerability in order to give all involved parties the opportunity to patch.


Bounties and Rewards

While we appreciate your help in disclosing potential issues in a responsible manner, at this time we don't offer cash prizes or rewards.


Questions? Contact us.

Contacting Us

If you can, try to encrypt your email using our public PGP key (0x2dac5a112d2b1ba6 on If not, please send us an email in plain-text.

Send any issues to If you believe you found an issue but you're not sure, email us anyway.