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Weekly webbinar:

Supply Chain 101

Every week, we’ll discuss common challenges facing today’s supply chains and how they can be addressed with an exception 

management platform like Elementum. This forum will be open for everyone. It’s meant to be informal. No pressure. No reservations required.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • • Best practices from industry leaders
  • • Industry trends, who’s thriving and who’s just surviving
  • • The latest and greatest updates to Elementum’s exception management platform
  • • Frequently asked questions

Previous Session Topics

Preparing for big retail’s 2021 delivery standards

SCSM within the Plan-Source-Make-Deliver framework

See why more companies are turning to
Elementum to eliminate 75% of recurring issues.

Proactively Manage Customer Order Issues

Reduce Chargebacks and Penalties

Proactively Manage Customer Order Issues

Ken’s Foods Case Study

Ken’s Foods is a $1B+ food manufacturer who produce and package over 1,000 varieties of dressings and sauces. With an increasing number of third-parties involved in the delivery network for customer orders, they had to become extremely nimble to better serve their customers’ needs. Ken’s Foods invested in Elementum to manage issues with customer orders more efficiently, collaborate better with their partners, and proactively recognize when shipments are at risk. This helped them minimize resulting chargebacks and penalties, and analyze common root causes to permanently prevent future challenges.


  • 200+ order issues proactively resolved in 1 month
  • Increased C-SAT due to 8-10x improvement in average response time
  • Clear accountability across the organization & improved collaboration
  • Significant reduction in chargebacks and penalties from customers
  • Analytics to identify root causes & make permanent improvements