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Managing Increasing Exceptions with Supply Chain Service Management

Over the past year, you’ve probably dealt with at least two of the following (probably, all three):

  • Severe demand fluctuations

  • Severe supplier constraints

  • Remote workforce with inconsistent availability

The conventional wisdom is: “better Planning will solve this.” But Planning isn’t going to solve issues that cannot be anticipated. Companies are adopting a new model. Planning is necessary, but not sufficient. In this brave new world, having an agile, streamlined approach for resolving unplanned issues is a competitive advantage. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn why you should:

  • Accept the reality that planning will not eliminate all problems

  • Upgrade your current suite for managing unplanned issues (email, spreadsheets, and SharePoint sites) to a collaborative SaaS platform

  • Centralize and track your issues so you can identify trends and eliminate recurring problems for good

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“There’s managing complexity, and then there’s harnessing complexity. Elementum enables us to navigate supply chain interdependencies, anticipate opportunities, and unlock operational efficiencies.”

Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer, Dyson