Risk Management

Automatically Mitigate Risk with Intelligent Workflows.

Elementum leverages AI, machine learning, and data mining to proactively identify potential threats and automate corrective actions – all within your cloud data warehouse.


Log in to Snowflake and start building automations in minutes – no code required


Eliminate costly data transfer, implementation and maintenance fees.


Automatically inherit Snowflake’s data governance and compliance measures.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

Choose from a Suite of Prebuilt Applications

Or, build your own. No coding required.

Risk Response

Automate risk response by converting event feeds into data driven workflows.

Decrease response times and increase reliability with predefined rules that proactively identify impacted parts, sites, and suppliers, and automatically initiate corrective action plans to mitigate downstream disruptions.

Health & Safety

Implement an effective Health & Safety program to prevent workplace injuries and illness, decrease related costs including workers’ compensation, and enhance adherence to laws and regulations.

Engage employees and improve morale.


Reduce the causes of non-conformities in manufacturing by establishing a procedure for investigating the root cause and eliminating or reducing the recurrence of the non-conformity.

CAPA is required for QA and regulatory documentation. 

Modern Business Process Optimization for Risk Management and Mitigation

Streamlined Risk Management for Instant Savings

Deploy Elementum in just a few clicks – without the need for data integrations. Simply log into your cloud, and select your data tables for risk events, health & safety incidents, and corrective actions. Elementum automatically builds relationships, and you start managing risks proactively.

Intelligent Risk Analysis & Continuous Optimization

Elementum dynamically mines your cloud data, streamlining risk response and optimizing health & safety programs through automated workflows. Set your operating frequency, and Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows handle the rest.

Easy, Zero Code Administration

​​Elementum makes risk management efficient with easy-to-implement, highly customizable drag-and-drop configurations. Choose from 50+ pre-built processes or craft your custom workflow with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within minutes.

Blue Diamond: Apply CAPA to supply chain to protect revenue and reduce costs

See how Blue Diamond Growers used Elementum to facilitate a transformational corrective actions program that paid for itself in less than three months.