The Virtual "War Room" Playbook for Supply Chain

In times of crisis individuals have an active defense mechanism, the fight or flight survival instinct. A similar response dichotomy occurs within organizations that are in an active crisis. Do we double down on our current ways of working, or does the crisis encourage and push us to explore new solutions to improve our operations?
Countries and States are beginning the process of reopening but the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic are here to stay for the long term. The exceptions across supply chains, driven by both consumer behavior and operational challenges won't go away overnight. All businesses are struggling to respond to everything from stockouts to production delays to supplier issues. In this play book, we examine one best practice that leading supply chain teams are turning to as they adjust to the wide-ranging impact of the new normal for supply chain: a virtual war room.




Three Strategies to Quickly Establish
Your Supply Chain Virtual War Room


Appoint a Recovery Leader

Identify the resource who will drive & facilitate key parts of the Virtual War Room operating cadence.

Configure an Incident Management System

Excel, emails, calls & Microsoft Teams will get unruly quickly. Establish a single-source of truth to manage all of the cross talk.

Set a Virtual War Room Operating Cadence

Put in place the operating cadence for managing global crises or other supply chain disruptions.
"I have really appreciated the support of the Elementum team in providing such professional support at zero cost during a time of great need. I couldn’t be happier and after 3 days I feel that my team is starting to really buy in to the new way of working. Thank you!!!"

Sara Curwen, MBA
Vice President Supply Chain at Sofina Foods