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Quickly Drive Accountability with Task Management

Gain a clear understanding of your next step toward resolving disruptions in your supply chain, while also keeping the workload well balanced across your team.

Task Management That
Works Like You Do

Task Management lets you divide the effort required to resolve any larger work items into small units of work. You can assign Tasks to different individuals with clear due dates, and track their progress. By creating Tasks within an Incident, you can effectively collaborate on, track, and distribute the workload required to drive effective and timely Incident resolution. 


tasks across both internal and external teams.


adjustments to prevent missed deadlines.


trends to drive improvement across your teams.

Combating Chronic Supply Chain Disruptions

This executive brief explores how 3 organizations adapted to overcome chronic supply chain disruptions and also built greater operational agility into their supply chain.


Streamlined Task Workspace

View the entire team or manage your own tasks with saved views; stay on top of due dates and manage tasks across all incidents.

Personalized Task Notifications

Ensure your team stays up-to-date with all task assignments, modifications, and due date reminders.

Integrated with Incident Mgmt

Empower your teams with complete visibility into a single source of truth relating to a task's related incident.

Real Time Analytics

Manage weekly triage meetings and find opportunities for continuous improvement

Enterprise Grade Security

Enforce authorization controls every time data is accessed by anyone

Custom Configurations & Exports

Configurable task list and export to a CSV or Excel file

Task Management Editions




Supply Chain Task Management

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Task Notifications

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Task Reminders

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Integration to Incident Management

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Assign to 3PL, Supplier, Contract Mfg

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Single-Sign-On (SSO) / SAML

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Enterprise Level Support

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