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Finally, the Supply Chain Platform You’ve Been Looking For

You have Salesforce for CRM, Workday for HCM, and ServiceNow for ITSM. But supply chain is still run on spreadsheets, phone calls, and tribal knowledge.

Elementum normalizes millions of internal and external data into a single unified orchestration platform to maximize customer service levels.



Orchestrating Data and Action

Just as companies need to instrument servers and configure IT alerts to ensure application performance, they need to do the same to optimize supply chain performance. Elementum's Orchestration Platform alerts users about potential problems and provides multi-enterprise workflows so teams can resolve incidents before they impact customers.

Bringing Cloud Computing to Supply Chain

Elementum's multi-tenant cloud provides automatic upgrades, global scalability, and unified real-time data and analytics. And as more companies join the Product Graph, all customers benefit from greater insights.

See Supply Chain Orchestration in Action REQUEST DEMO
See Supply Chain Orchestration in Action REQUEST DEMO