Workspaces Designed for Collaboration

It’s a familiar story: each function in supply chain looks for a best of breed tool, but these tools don’t talk to each other or show connections between functions, making it impossible to optimize end-to-end operations.

Elementum makes the most important information easily accessible and available to all teams — across functions — so people can seek out what they need to know and work faster.



"I am extremely proud of the steps Corning has taken over the past few years to optimize supply chain. And with Elementum’s Product Graph™, built by some of the brightest minds in the industry, we expect to have the levers to be truly agile."

Cheryl Capps
VP of Global Supply Chain, Corning

When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

Stop solving end-to-end problems with siloed solutions
The Elementum Orchestration Platform provides several workspaces designed to leverage cross-functional insights to solve function-specific problems. This enables teams to seek and find what they need from other parts of the business without having to wait for meetings or wade through dozens of different supply chain systems.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
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Product Features

See how problems relate to each other across functions
  • Drill down with relevant teams and partners
  • Focus on getting things done instead of wading through junk
  • Configure alerts to inform you of incidents that matter to you

Centrally manage your shipments and lanes
  • Reduce lead time variability, cut transit times and maximize on time delivery commitments
  • Monitor lane performce in real-time
  • Remove inventory from your operations, while driving customer satisfaction and revenue

Manage global inventory levels
  • Real-time visibility to inventory by product, region, site, type and ownership
  • Adapt stock to changes in demand with on-hand and in-transit information
  • Keep your supply chain moving and minimize stockouts with cross-functional collaboration

Manage event disruptions
  • Monitor global security, infrastructure, and weather impacts to enable you to quickly act and resolve issues
  • Coordinate responses all the way from suppliers to customer fulfillment
  • Ensure material availability across your global supply chain
  • Minimize stock outs, production downtime and spot market purchases

Track real-time production, yield levels, and factory shipments
  • Drill down to site and order level detail across internal and external facilities
  • Eliminate surprises and enable multi-enterprise teams to collaborate around shared targets
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