Spend Time Taking Action, Not Building Reports

There’s no shortage of data in supply chain, but there is a shortage of time and people to make sense of that data.

When actionable reports are generated automatically, teams can focus on what to do with the results instead of spending their time chasing information.



"You can’t act on what you can’t see. Elementum’s insights help drive our velocity, and free cash flow."

Tom Linton
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Flex

Analytics You Can Use

Context matters
We all get dozens of disparate reports from various supply chain and ERP systems, but understanding what action should be taken is impossible without analysts manually stitching the reports together.

Reports should be comprehensive, informative, and self-explanatory. Elementum’s Orchestration Platform brings together signals from across your entire supply chain to give you insights that will actually help you optimize your end-to-end operation.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
If your forecasts are off only 30% of the time, why do your teams spend 80% of their time fire-fighting exceptions? Find out how to bring sanity to your product shortage management process.


Product Features

Get cross-functional insights
  • Discover problems and opportunities across logistics, manufacturing, inventory, and sourcing systems
  • Review incident management performance
  • Benchmark against peers and industry leaders

Leverage reports based on comprehensive data
  • Identify the gaps between plan and reality with reports highlighting your problem areas
  • Narrow in on variable lanes, excess buffers, poor OTD, late production or missed deadlines
  • Drill down into historical trends and analyze root causes for recurring aberrations

Get reports based on metrics you care about
  • Personalize reports for different thresholds and different levels of details
  • Adjust for days, regions, products, ownership, severity and other parameters within your profile
  • Sticky filters enable customizations that persist across web and mobile interfaces
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