Mapping the World's Supply Chains

Truly digitizing supply chain requires IT to manage extensive data, workflows and dependencies across global partner ecosystems, while still maintaining all the systems that run the company.

The Elementum Product Graph unifies and normalizes internal, partner, and global data so companies can finally solve cross-supply chain problems.



"I am extremely proud of the steps Corning has taken over the past few years to optimize supply chain. And with Elementum's Product Graph™, built by some of the brightest minds in the industry, we have the levers to be truly agile."

Cheryl Capps
VP of Global Supply Chain, Corning

Meaningful Context at Scale

Making supply chain data meaningful
Supply chains are incredibly complex—from materials to WIP, from SKUs to batch numbers, from shipment geolocation to events at thousands of sites along your value chain. There is a reason why no one has been able to provide a single view to understand what’s actually important to your operation.

The Product Graph unifies structured and unstructured data from around the world to drive machine learning at a scale that's otherwise impossible. This analysis allows you to “see around corners” and resolve potential issues before they impact customers.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
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Product Graph Features

Unified supply chain data drives cross-functional insights
  • Share a unified view with your partners so you don't have to chase information
  • Speed teams toward resolution with contextualized views across every function
  • Support continuous process improvement by understanding the relationships between data, events, and activities

Proactive alerts and centralized workflows drive operational efficiency
  • Leverage a comprehensive supply chain platform to see problems and drive resolution faster
  • Quickly assess impact of incidents on downstream flows of goods
  • Review incident management performance with executive dashboards
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