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Orchestration Bridges Plan and Reality

Instead of focusing on a 2-3% forecast accuracy improvement, focus on the 20-30% that doesn’t go according to plan. This gap between plan and reality is draining your business by forcing you to spend your days running from one fire to the next.

An orchestration platform enables you to deal with inevitable gaps and resolve issues proactively to avoid shortages or overages before they happen.



There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Plan

Operate in the gap between plan and reality
Because everyone in supply chain has their own system, it’s impossible for planners to actually keep track of what orders are at risk.

Elementum’s Orchestration Platform connects data across your ecosystem, giving planners early warning when inventory levels are off.

Utilizing Elementum is a game-changer for our operations and performance.
Gerry Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Office Depot

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Product Features

Manage inventory levels to avoid stockouts
  • Get real-time visibility of inventory by product, region, material type, and location
  • See in-transit shipment information
  • Quickly respond to inventory level problems to avoid stock-outs and reduce overstocks
Optimize customer fulfillment with a centralized view of orders
  • See production by customer order, internal sale, or work order
  • Monitor production process and see which shipments have been fulfilled
  • Set thresholds to ensure optimal inventory levels

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