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The Supply Chain
Orchestration Platform

It's Time for Your Operations to Leap Ahead

Despite all of your supply chain systems, your teams still spend their days chasing hundreds of moving pieces in attempts to gain context and mitigate fires. Until you upgrade this manual orchestration, you’ll never unlock the value of all your investments.


How an Orchestration Platform Impacts Your Business

Are you struggling to connect the dots across systems, teams, and partners to drive resolution when the unexpected strikes? Elementum lets companies get ahead of problems so they don’t have to constantly chase last-minute fires. Elementum’s Orchestration Platform proactively discovers operational gaps and drives multi-enterprise workflows so you can reduce missed orders, costly stockouts, and excess inventory.

Prioritize what teams should worry about each morning

Solve problems across internal teams and external partners

Use historical data to drive speed and efficiency across your operation

Want to get out of fire fighting across your supply chain? Learn how to transform your operations.


Drive Quick ROI with Focused Modules

Elementum collects, validates, and compares internal and external data to discover gaps across all the functions in your global supply chain. The Orchestration Platform uses this context to generate proactive alerts and drive incident resolution so you can stop dumping millions into manual patchwork.

Product Availability
Customer Orders

Orchestrate Product Availability
  • Proactively manage finished goods product availability at each of your locations, with alerts to inventory being too low or too high
  • Early Warning of finished goods purchase orders at risk due to missed or partial finished goods shipments
  • Proactive notifications of product shortages to sales orders and demand plans within lead time

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