Find Out Before it’s Too Late

As a supply chain professional, you have an impossible job. Your mission is to keep customers happy, but you only ever find about a crisis once it’s too late. What you need is a platform that proactively alerts you about potential disruptions, so you have time to remediate them before they impact customers.


Get serious about proactively managing disruptions

Turn weeks into hours
Today, your teams find out too late about external disruptions impacting operations. Then they spend half their day chasing information from different systems and tools to find the biggest problems, and the other half chasing people from different teams and companies to firefight problems that have escalated into painful business problems. They’re working tirelessly but these manual heroics are costing you millions—in lost productivity, operational costs, and damaged customer relationships.

Elementum provides teams and individuals with a prioritized inbox of what problems need urgent attention, including automated discovery of external events that could disrupt your supply chain network. An integrated incident management workflow lets teams get straight to solving problems: unify the latest info, tag in cross-functional team members, assign owners, track status, and drive resolution quickly.

Finally, the supply chain platform you’ve been looking for

What our customers think:

With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory and shipment data with our partners and customers to ensure consumers can always enjoy the highest-quality food.

Mark Richardson
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Elementum offers a very powerful value proposition for companies like ours, who are looking to future-proof their operations.

Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer, Dyson

You can’t act on what you can’t see. Elementum’s insights help drive our velocity, and each day of improvement results in $65M in free cash.

Tom Linton
Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer, Flex


Self-Service Data Management

Upload and validate your own data

Incident Dashboard & Analytics

Get analytics on incidents occuring across your supply chain

Inbox & Incident
Management Workspace

Analyze supply chain incidents across your org to assess performance and identify problem areas

Automated Discovery of External Disruptions

Get automatically alerted to events and disruptions impacting your suppliers and sites

Cross-Enterprise Resolution

Collaborate with suppliers and customers within the platform to resolve problems

Platform Capabilities

Master Data Management

Provide a single point of reference for site, product, inventory, and demand data in order to gain complete visibility

Enterprise-Grade Security

We built the latest multi-tenant security and governance controls into the platform from day one

Data Quality Reporting

Ensure that your informed decisions are based off of timely and accurate data

Data Validation

Automated vaildation ensures that data will work within the platform

Multi-Enterprise Access Management

Easily grant access to your supplier network and collaborate across your supply chain

Product Graph

Unifies and normalizes internal, partner, and global data so companies can finally solve cross-supply chain problems

Machine Learning

Extracts and categorizes impactful news from over 10 million supply-chain signals everyday

What's included?

Elementum Essentials

Elementum Pro

Elementum Enterprise

Out-of-the-box supply chain Incident Management
Cross-enterprise collaboration on incidents
Performance Management through Analytics
Advanced Incident Management Capabilities
Product and Site Impact Tracking
Advanced Reporting Driven by Master Data
APIs to centrally track cross-system incidents
External Disruptions
Supply Coverage option
Product Shortages option
Late Shipments option
P.O.s at risk from Suppliers option
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