Making The Autonomous Supply Chain a Reality

Proactively automate the discovery and prevention of incidents in your supply chain. Easy, self-service data integration and streamlined workspaces allow you to automate exception management across every aspect of your supply chain—from managing inventory and tracking your logistics network, to ensuring suppliers are delivering on their commitments and mitigating unexpected disruptions to your supply base.


It's time for your operations to leap ahead

The Supply Chain Automation Platform
With Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow your organization already runs in the cloud. So why does your supply chain still run on spreadsheets, phone calls, and tribal knowledge? This gap in software around managing everyday exceptions, such as demand dips or production shortfalls, is not only preventing you from achieving your automation goals, it’s also costing your company millions in lost revenue, poor productivity, and inefficient inventory.

Elementum unifies teams, data, and workflows to automate the discovery, assessment, and resolution of problems within your supply chain. With easy, self-service data integration and workspaces designed for multi-enterprise collaboration, Elementum accelerates and de-risks your end-to-end supply chain execution.

Finally, the supply chain platform you’ve been looking for

What our customers think:

With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory and shipment data with our partners and customers to ensure consumers can always enjoy the highest-quality food.

Mark Richardson
Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Elementum offers a very powerful value proposition for companies like ours, who are looking to future-proof their operations.

Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer, Dyson

You can’t act on what you can’t see. Elementum’s insights help drive our velocity, and each day of improvement results in $65M in free cash.

Tom Linton
Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer, Flex


Self-Service Data Management

Upload and validate your own data

Inbox & Incident
Management Workspace

Analyze supply chain incidents across your org to assess performance and identify problem areas

Automated Discovery of External Disruptions

Get automatically alerted to events and disruptions impacting your suppliers and sites

Cross-Enterprise Resolution

Collaborate with suppliers and customers within the platform to resolve problems

Transactional Data Management

Track customer orders across sites and gain visibility into your supply chain

Dashboards & Team Management

Analyze supply chain incidents across your team to assess incident management

Supply Chain Search

Search incidents across your supply chain by sites, products, and lanes

Platform Capabilities

Data Validation

Ensure that the information informing your decisions is accurate

Data Normalization

Normalize supply chain data to optimize the decision making process

Data traceability and lineage

Trust the information in the platform came from the right place

Data quality reporting

AI and ML are meaningless without the right data, know the quality of the data you input

Enterprise-Grade Security

We built the latest multi-tenant security and governance controls into the platform from day one

Multi-Enterprise Access Management

Grant access to your supplier network to collaborate across your supply chain

Master Data Management

The ability to upload site and product data in order to gain complete visibility of your supply chain

Self-Service Supplier Onboarding

Efficiently manage diverse supplier networks

Product Graph

Unifies and normalizes internal, partner, and global data so companies can finally solve cross-supply chain problems

What's included?

Elementum Essentials

Elementum Pro

Elementum Enterprise

Out-of-the-box supply chain Incident Management
Cross-enterprise collaboration on incidents
Performance Management through Analytics
Advanced Incident Management Capabilities
Product and Site Impact Tracking
Advanced Reporting Driven by Master Data
APIs to centrally track cross-system incidents
External Disruptions
Supply Coverage option
Product Shortages option
Late Shipments option
P.O.s at risk from Suppliers option

Enhance the value of the IT investments you’ve already made

A true supply chain automation platform should enhance the value of the IT investments you’ve already made. Elementum’s automation platform layers on top of your existing systems and those of your partners to quickly ingest and normalize multi-enterprise data. This allows it to proactively detect potential exceptions, correlate the relevant data to streamline assessment, and simplify collaboration to drive rapid resolution.

Mind the [Data] Gap: Your Practical Guide to Automating Supply Chain
For a Fortune 500 company, the impact of supply chain automation easily exceeds a billion dollars a year in higher revenue capture, reduced inventory, and significant productivity gains. Take your first step towards automation and learn to put your supply chain on auto-pilot.