Find Out Before it’s Too Late

As a supply chain professional, you have an impossible job. Your mission is to keep customers happy, but you only ever find about a crisis once it’s too late.

What if your supply chain platform proactively alerted you when a problem puts customer orders at risk, so you have time to do something about it?



"When it comes to supply chain, it’s all about how quickly a company can take action. With Elementum's real-time insights, our supply chain will be able to react immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months after a problem arises."

Cheryl Capps
Vice President Global Supply Management, Corning

Always on Alert

Get notified about gaps in your supply chain
The Elementum platform instruments your supply chain and utilizes machine learning to make sense of millions of signals so you have a constant pulse on your supply chain. A configurable rules engine makes sure you get notified of only those problems that matter to you.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
If your forecasts are off only 30% of the time, why do your teams spend 80% of their time fire-fighting exceptions? Find out how to bring sanity to your product shortage management process.


Alert Features

Surface problems early

Configure cross-functional alerts to solve cross-functional problems
  • Set up as many alerts as you need to suit different use cases, KPIs, product lines, or regions
  • Customize alerts for different roles, such as Supply Planners, Warehouse Managers, or Customer Fulfillment reps
  • Assign alert owners and followers to bring in the right expertise for assessment and triage

Setup rules based on internal and external data
  • Create rules using your own data and partner data, for example: late shipment departures, customs holds, or disruptive events
  • Invite authorized suppliers, carriers, or other partners to collaborate and drive resolution
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