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Solve Problems Faster

You know the drill: whenever there’s a problem, your teams spend days on the phone, in meetings, and sorting through emails and spreadsheets just to understand what the #%&! is going on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your teams could come in every morning to a prioritized list of what they should work on, and a structured process to manage resolution?



Turn Weeks into Hours

Get serious about incident resolution
Today, your teams spend half their day fishing for and sifting through information across different systems and partners, and the other half in desperate attempts to mitigate disaster. They’re working tirelessly but these heroics are costing you millions.

Elementum provides teams and individuals with a prioritized inbox of what problems need urgent attention. Then, Elementum’s incident management workflow lets teams get straight to solving problems: unify the latest info, tag in partners, assign task owners, and track resolution quickly.

It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow.
Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer, Dyson

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Incident Management Features

Manage and prioritize team activities
  • Create incidents on late shipments, low inventory, disruptive events, sites at risk, or other potential problems
  • Sort incidents by urgency
  • Add assignees, followers, and comments or attachments to get everyone on the same page

View full incident context in one place
  • Invite your partners or carriers to jointly solve problems
  • Easily grant access to partners as needed by adding their email
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