Meet the Top Supply Chain Game Changers

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Three Keys to Resolving Customer Order Issues 10x Faster

  • Proactively Manage Delivery Issues

    Gather immediate data on every customer delivery at every stage. Use photographs to document the state of orders and respond proactively if a shipment was damaged or units delayed, even before the customer can send a complaint.

  • Reduce Chargebacks & Penallties

    Instead of wasting time trying to track down where a shipment went wrong weeks later by relying on people’s memories-- all involved parties, from production to delivery, work together seamlessly to meet customer needs and eliminate unexpected penalties.

  • Clear Accountability with the Right Change Agents

    Stop inefficiencies and loss of productivity when multiple parties like customer service, logistics, supply chain and sales, all try to work on the same problem. With all customer order issues in one place, it’s clear who is on point to drive speedy resolution.

Turn the Tables on OTIF Penalties from Big Retail