Got Data? Let’s Get You Onboard

Without data that is centralized, normalized and available to everyone at any time, it probably feels like you're running your operations in the dark.

The Elementum approach is to “accept the mess” of all the different data sources and move forward with a proven model that transforms your data into insights.



"Timely and accurate information are critical components to success. A robust supply chain operation depends on real-time information flow."

Mark Richardson
Senior VP of Global Supply Chain, OSI Group

Multi-Enterprise Cooperation

Alignment across the board
We work with your teams to align on target use cases and uncover the specific data requirements that meet your needs.

Our technical delivery team coordinates data ingestion from your internal and partner transactional systems, data lakes, and global news feeds. This unified data enables the insights and alerts that drive efficient orchestration of your supply chain.

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Data Onboarding FAQs

What kind of systems can you connect to?
  • We support transactional systems and ingest data from Data Lakes, TMS, MES, WMS, and ERP systems. We also take data feeds from discrete IoT devices, and third party aggregators

What data feeds or protocols do you support?
  • We support many formats including standard template files via SFTP, XML, and EDI, ETL, Database Connectors, and Direct API feeds

What data objects or elements do you support?
  • Common supply chain data objects like: ASN, Carrier Event (CE), GRN, Demand Forecast, On Hand Inventory, Build Plan, Output, Yield, Purchase Orders and Master Data

Can data ingestion be automated?
  • We continually collect data from your systems, files, feeds and those of your partners. We provide a self-service portal for customers and suppliers for easy set up of your own data feeds

What about my second and third tier suppliers?
  • Yes we can support your first, second, and third tier suppliers. We have customers orchestrating their supply chain across serveral tiers of suppliers

What do you do to ensure data quality?
  • We take data quality seriously and implement data cleansing and normalization to auto-fill data gaps, auto-aliasing of related partners, sites and material/SKUs
  • We provide requirements for your data feeds, data objects, suppliers, 3PLs/Carriers and master data
  • Data is normalized to ELMT-standard IDs to enable cross-function and cross-enterprise data

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