Making Supply Chain Data Work for You

Ensuring product availability is a multi-enterprise undertaking. This requires a high level of collaboration and secure data sharing across functions and enterprises.

Elementum’s platform unifies multi-enterprise data, so that you can see the dependencies across your supply chain and get ahead of problems or opportunities.



"Timely and accurate information are critical components to success. A robust supply chain operation depends on real-time information flow."

Mark Richardson
Senior VP of Global Supply Chain, OSI Group

All Your Supply Chain Data in One Place

Make sense of your data
Elementum's platform sits on top of existing transactional systems to connect the dots across your multi-enterprise supply chain. By centralizing, normalizing, and enriching data from millions of sources, the platform maps ecosystem interdependencies and highlights the impact of potential operational gaps. Users can then drive resolution across a multi-enterprise workflow.

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Data Management Features

Simplify data collection and management
  • Data management platform collects, validates, normalizes, manages and secures your data
  • Collect your ecosystem partner data through a dedicated onboarding portal
  • Graph technology and AI make sense of all that data for you

Make use of multiple data sources, formats, and feeds
  • Support for ingestion from many types of systems including Data lakes & Warehouses, ERP, TMS, WMS, MES, and Planning systems
  • Wide range of supported formats from EDI, JSON, TEXT, iDoc, and many more across multiple paths such as REST APIs, Data Connectors, SFTP
  • Continuous ingestion of weather, news, events, GPS location, freight forwarders, 3PLs/Carriers, aggregators and IoT device data

Leverage cross-functional supply chain data objects
  • Broad support of supply chain objects: ASN, Carrier Event (CE), GRN, Demand Forecast, On Hand Inventory, Build Plan, Output and Orders
  • Identification of all data sources and objects, required to execute your specific use cases
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