Meet Our Supply Chain Heroes

Innovative enterprises deploy Elementum across their operations to reduce fire-fighting
and drive faster resolution of supply chain exceptions

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Why Customers Choose Elementum

With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory and shipment data with our partners and customers to ensure consumers can always enjoy the highest-quality food."

Mark Richardson

SVP, Global Supply Chain

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When it comes to the supply chain, it’s all about how quickly a company can take action. With Elementum's real-time insights, our supply chain will be able to react immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months after a problem arises.”

Cheryl Capps
SVP of Global Supply Chain

Starbucks is finding it effective to centrally manage operational incidents through Elementum. I know who on my team is accountable for managing them; and I know exactly what to tell customers and stakeholders. This is especially helpful as partners are working remotely.”

Kelly Bengston
SVP of Global Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer

Elementum offers a very powerful value proposition for companies like ours, who are looking to future-proof their operations.”

Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer

I have really appreciated the support of the Elementum team in providing such professional support during a time of great need. I couldn’t be happier and after just days, I feel that my team is starting to really buy in to the new way of working. Thank you!”

Sara Curwen
VP of Supply Chain

The number one benefit we’re getting out of Elementum is accountability. It is very clear who owns the next step in the resolution of customer issues caused by over, short or damaged orders.”

Cari Talbot
Sr. Director of Supply Chain

I used to process claims using an Excel sheet and emails and had to constantly piece updates together. Now with Elementum, I can organize exactly what information I need at a glance and what next steps are in real time. Elementum has drastically increased our turnaround time for our customers, making us both happy. Not only that, I now have detailed reporting from our claims to determine how we can decrease our occurrences.”

Jessica Mecham
Claims Specialist

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