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Putting Service Back into Customer Service

Supply chain silos force customer service teams into an endless game of telephone to track down information when unhappy customers are on the line.

The Elementum Orchestration Platform gives customer service reps a single place to find information about orders and shipments so they have all the answers when problems arise.



Supply Chain is the Engine that Drives Customer Satisfaction

From back room cost center to strategic driver
For decades, supply chain has been a "get in the back room and just get it done" function. But in the world of "I want it now," supply chain organizations are realizing that only by digitally connecting their supply chains with their customer service centers can they finally go back to actually serving their customers.

If your supply chain is not real-time, mobile, and connected—I don't know how you'll run your supply chain in 5 years.
Mike McNamara
Chief Executive Officer, Flex

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Product Features

Respond faster with one place for all order statuses
  • View production by customer order, internal sale, or work order
  • Get insight into how far along the production process is, whether it is executing against plan, and which shipments have been fulfilled
  • Production and logistics teams can address customer problems proactively and alert customer service teams to help manage expectations
Manage expectations with real-time shipment tracking
  • Drill down at the click of a button to get real-time views of your shipments, lanes, routes and any events impacting your deliveries
  • See all relevant shipment information in one place, so there’s no need to hunt across multiple systems for information
  • If necessary, reroute delayed shipments to mitigate customer impact
Solve customer issues quickly with cross-functional incident management
  • Configure thresholds to generate proactive alerts
  • Collaborate and resolve incidents by order of priority
  • Pull in relevant partners and teams across your network to ensure rapid response or resolution

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