Data Automation For Any Process

with the power of cloud-native

Free up your time by automating the manual, repetitive processes that consume 40% or more of business resources. Use your company’s data cloud to automatically initiate and progress workflows based on real-time data updates.

Connect your systems of record for seamless system-to- system workflows or focus on the ad hoc, siloed processes that happen between systems.

Apps for common business processes are pre-built and ready out-of-the-box.

Or, build your own.

Customer Service

Service customers faster and more reliably with data initiated workflows. Manage service issues directly with customers, or add structure internally to processes supporting customer needs. Automatically assign tasks, SLAs, and escalations.


Run marketing campaigns faster and more reliably with automated workflows. Keep everyone in the loop (sales, R&D, partners) with multi-party collaboration, and pre-define workflows based on triggers in your CRM or MarTech stack.


Complement your sales operations by automating all of the follow-ups, collaboration, and reminders that occur outside your CRM. From sales planning to commission approvals to conference support, automate the manual, repetitive activities that take up your team’s time.


Make it easier and faster to resolve fraud claims with pre-set workflows and built-in automations. Centralize all cross- functional collaboration, and assign tasks automatically to Finance, Legal, or Sales. Use analytics to identify bottlenecks and track resolution times.


Streamline the initiation and progression of common requests that consume 40% or more of your team’s time. From NDAs, to vendor contracts, to employment contracts, automate the initiation, progression, and assignment of tasks to other teams. Compatible with your CMS.


Peronalize and manage your service desk without any technical dependencies. Leverage intuitive, no-code admin to build any workflow to stanardize any request, from everyday maintenance to to major capex. Available on the go from any site with mobile.

Connect Instantly

No Migrations

Native AI/ML

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting