Logistics Management

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Elementum streamlines logistics operations by leveraging intelligent, fully automated workflows to automatically detect and proactively manage lead time accuracy, late shipments, request approval, and more.

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Lead Time Optimization

Reduce excess inventory by proactively addressing lane variance gaps.

Data is mined to identify when the actual lead times are +/- the defined tolerance levels and actions are automated to adjust the lead time. 

Temperature Alert

Reduce expired products by proactively managing temperature conditions during transit. Data is mined to identify temperature issues of goods in transit.

Actions are automated between the logistics team and the carrier to address the alert. 

Late Shipment

Improve OTIF by proactively identifying late shipments. Data is mined to identify when a shipment’s estimated arrival time is greater than the promised delivery date.

Actions to identify alternate sources, expedite and mitigate the delay are automated. 

Expedite Request

Full transparency and accountability of who authorizes the cost for expedite requests are managed and centralized in one platform.

Actions are automated to notify carriers, logistics and others of the approval. 

Customs Issue

Reduces customs delays by proactively managing issues. Data is mined to alert logistics of potential issues based on port congestion, strikes and other impacts to the port.

Actions between logistics and the broker are automated. 

Modern Business Process Optimization for Logistics Management

Instant Deployment

Deploy Elementum in just a few clicks – without the need for data integrations. Simply log into your cloud, select your data tables for shipment tracking, route data, and carrier performance, and Elementum does the rest. Automatically build the relationships and start optimizing your logistics in minutes.

Continuous Optimization

Elementum dynamically mines your cloud data, streamlining logistics management and optimizing routes and carrier performance through automated workflows. Set your operating frequency, and Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows handle the rest.

Streamlined Administration

​​Elementum makes logistics management efficient with easy-to-implement, highly customizable drag-and-drop configurations. Choose from 50+ pre-built processes or craft your custom workflow with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within minutes.

Optimize Transit Lead Times to Save Cash and Protect Revenue

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