Keep Customers Buying

Consumer behaviors change every second. Elementum helps retailers stay two-steps ahead.

Automatically adapt to market changes, deliver on-time, and eliminate waste.

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Optimize Production

Maintain Compliance

Manage Suppliers

Always Ahead, Always on Point.

Data. Driven. Workflows.

No More Guesswork

Elementum actively mines your data to automatically predict, adjust, and maintain optimal inventory levels.

Ensure the right product mix and volume without lifting a finger.

Improve Your Buying Experience

Elementum brings transparency into every aspect of the procurement lifecycle, reducing costs and accelerating delivery of critical supplies.

Eliminate Waste. Get Ahead of Delays.

Elementum automatically reduces excess inventory, safeguards perishables, and manages late shipment resolution. 

Ensures that your products are available at the right time, place, quantity, and cost.

Streamline and Secure Your Financial Operations

Elementum uses Snowflake data to automate audits, resolve AP exceptions, streamline payment requests, and simplify claims disputes.

Optimize Your SaaS Portfolio. Reduce Spend.

Elementum automates the entire enterprise software license lifecycle, from procurement to end-of-life.

Manage Potential Threats Before They Escalate

Elementum uses machine learning to proactively manage and automate risk mitigation, safety, and compliance workflows.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Elementum uses Snowflake data to automate tasks across the customer journey – from land to expand.

Case Study:

Luxury Design House Automates Supplier Management and Compliance

Improved SLA Achievement Rate

Increased Productivity

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting