Focus on Your People, Not Your Processes

with process automation driven by your data cloud

Free up your time by automating the manual, repetitive processes that consume 40% or more of HR resources. Use your company’s data cloud to automatically initiate and progress workflows based on real-time data updates.

Connect with your HCIS for seamless system-to-system workflows or focus on the processes outside your HCIS.

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Apps for common HR processes are pre-built and ready out-of-the-box.
Or, build your own.

On-Boarding and Transitions

Centralize and standardize all activities in new-employee onboarding or employee transitions. Automatically initiate workflows based on changes in your HCIS, and automatically assign tasks as the worfklows progress.

Employee Travel Safety

Add extra layers of safety without the bureaucracy or administrative headaches. Pre-set your conditions for “high risk” travel, and automatically route the request for approval. Combine conditions and add approval levels with intuitive admin. Fully available on mobile.

Vaccination Status

Reduce the overhead of vaccination requirements by automating the compliance process. Automatically send reminders, identify exceptions, route escalations, and assign corrective actions.

Contractor Management

On-board contractors faster while ensuring proper oversight and compliance. Define workflows to request and approve new contractors. Set reminders that match SOWs to ensure proper status.

Time-Off Requests

Improve visibility to time-off requests and employee status. Automate the approval flows. Set rules to ensure compliance. Add watchers to keep everyone in the loop. See how much time has been taken off. Full mobile parity. Connect with your HCIS.


Build your own customized apps to match any HR process. Design your workflows, set automations, and add analytics. Everything is drag-and-drop, no coding or scripting required. Access your apps on any mobile device.

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