Increase Output, Decrease Overhead

with process automation driven by your data cloud

Free up time by automating the manual, repetitive processes that consume 40% or more of Finance & Accounting resources. Use your company’s data cloud to automatically initiate and progress workflows based on real-time data updates.

Connect with your ERP for seamless system-to-system workflows or focus on the processes outside your ERP.

Apps for common Finance and Accounting processes are pre-built and ready out-of-the-box. Or, build your own.


Centralize and standardize all procurement requests and approvals. Customize workflows based on request types and amounts. Automatically send information requests to vendors based on ERP updates, or assign tasks for compliance.

Accounts Receivable

Standardize workflows to keep track of all receivable, from receiving the PO to collecting fees. Automatically initiate tasks based on ERP updates and assign owners. Set reminders and escalations to ensure on-time collections.

Accounts Payable

Automatically route payment approvals based on pre-defined triggers, such as payment terms, due dates, and amounts. Proactively identify missing information (e.g PO), and automatically assign tasks for corrective actions. Collaborate with vendors, and securely share information.

Audit Management

Manage all of your audits - financial, 401k, tax, security - all in one place. Collaborate directly with your auditors, sharing information securely. Assign tasks automatically as open items are completed, ensuring no wasted time. All activities are tracked in the audit log.

Closing Process

Elevate your monthly and quarterly closing processes from the Excel tracker to a real-time automation platform. Assign tasks and set due dates. Automatically triggers next steps and send reminders as work is completed. Track analytics to eliminate bottlenecks.


Build your own customized apps to match any Finance or Accounting process. Design your workflows, set automations, and add analytics. Everything is drag-and-drop, no coding or scripting required. Access your apps on any mobile device.


Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.

Let your data initiate and execute business processes, automatically

More than 1M automations and counting