Focus on Quality, Not Busy Work

Elementum streamlines supplier management, automating quality checks, defect tracking, and compliance workflows across production.

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End-to-End SaaS Management in Snowflake

100% Visibility. Fully Automated. Zero Waste.

Uphold Quality Standards

Elementum automates the quality control process. 

Set quality benchmarks for your products and receive instant notifications if there are any deviations from these standards.

Quickly Resolve Defects

Elementum continuously tracks defects and assigns corrective actions to address them. 

Managers can easily monitor the progress of these actions until they’re resolved.

Ensure Legal and Ethical Sourcing

Stop using spreadsheets.

Elementum actively tracks the materials used in your products from source to processing.

Easily Demonstrate Compliance

Elementum automatically documents tasks and production details in activity logs.

No more docusign or lengthy email chains.

Case Study:

Hearth & Home Saves 1k+ Hours with Elementum

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting