Improve the Buying Experience

Elementum simplifies the procurement lifecycle from request to fulfilment. 

Strengthen supplier relationships and reduce costs through transparency and communication.

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Vendor Management at Snowflake-Scale

Expand Your Bidder Network. Spend Less.

Elementum scales RFP processes. 

Send and receive bids from larger vendor pools without spreadsheets. Elementum automatically collects bids and guides you to the best price.

Auto-Verify Vendors. Fast-Track Approvals.

Elementum mines Snowflake data to quickly check vendor legitimacy – from screening to banking details. 

Once verified, Elementum initiates expedited approval chains.

Find and Fix Late Orders

Elementum automatically detects and resolves late purchase orders before they cause inventory disruptions. 

Communicate with suppliers in the vendor portal to ensure real-time status updates.

Never Overpay

Elementum mines marketplace data in Snowflake to benchmark your contracts against current trends.

If you’re overpaying, Elementum triggers a workflow to kickstart renegotiations.

Case Study:

Using 4M Rows of Data to Power Drug Pricing Negotiations


Shorter RFP Cycles


Reduction in Service Costs


RFP Intake Annually

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting