Inventory Management

Effortlessly maintain optimal inventory levels.

Reduce working capital and
free-up cash

Elementum unleashes AI, machine learning, and intelligent data mining in your cloud data warehouse to automatically identify inventory management opportunities and take action on inventory exceptions, requests, and renewals.

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Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

Choose from a suite of prebuilt applications

Or, build your own. No coding required.

Excess Inventory

Reduce excess inventory and related holding cost by proactively detecting where inventory is in excess of max target.

Automatically launch workflows for addressing demand through a Promotion, Markdown or STO. 

Inventory Shortage

Reduce inventory shortages and their impact by proactively addressing stock levels below safety thresholds.

Data is mined to identify shortages and suggest actions such as an STO or a new order.

Expiring Product

Reduce costs and drive sales by identifying inventory nearing expiration. Data is mined to proactively address opportunities.

Actions for collaboration and quick decision making help protect revenue & reduce product waste.

Stock Transfer Orders

Initiate and track Stock Transfer Orders. Inventory expiration dates and stock levels are mined and can trigger a recommended STO.

Transfer status can be fed back into source systems to close out related records. 

Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D)

Improve resolution times by implementing a clear, accurate platform for communication and documentation.

Past records and data are systematically organized, highlighting areas for improvement and addressing recurring issues.

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Effortless Deployment, Instant Savings

Elementum deploys in minutes – and without the need for APIs or connectors. Simply plug into your cloud, select your data tables for inventory, shipments, and orders, and let Elementum automatically build the relationships, instantly maximizing your inventory optimization capabilities.

Modern Business Process Optimization for Inventory Management

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Intelligent Data Mining, Continuous Optimization

Elementum continuously scours your cloud data warehouse to optimize routes, carrier performance, and more through intelligent, automated workflows. Just set your operating frequency, and let Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows take care of the rest.

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No Code, Easy Administration

Elementum brings efficiency to inventory management with intuitive highly customizable drag-and-drop configurations. Choose from 50+ pre-built processes or craft your custom workflow with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within minutes.

Optimize Your Inventory Operations with Data-Driven Automation

Discover a world where inventory problems no longer radiate throughout your business, where stockouts are a thing of the past, and excess inventory is no longer a source of financial losses. Embrace the magic of data activation and unlock the full potential of your inventory management strategy.

Join the revolution and take control of your inventory today.

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