Financial Planning and Administration:

Streamline Financial Tasks

Elementum uses Snowflake data to automate audits, resolve AP exceptions, streamline payment requests, and simplify claims disputes.

diagram of Elementum and Snowflake describing the connection with finance

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Streamline and Secure Your Financial Operations

Centralize Payment-Related Actions and Approvals

Elementum makes it easy to manage payments.

Requesters can submit and view status via the self-service portal. Elementum automatically detects and resolves inconsistencies or non-compliance.

Quickly Resolve Disputes

Elementum accelerates dispute resolution by providing a single system for Suppliers and Customers to initiate, review, and communicate.

Reduce Audit Cycle Length

Elementum maintains detailed logs of controls, actions, and historical data. It automatically detects documentation gaps, reconciles record inconsistencies, and addresses non-compliances.

AP Exception

Elementum uses native machine learning models to pinpoint the root cause of payment irregularities. 

Elementum automatically initiates a Data Driven Workflow to address them.

Case Study:

Using 4M Rows of Data to Power Drug Pricing Negotiations


Shorter RFP Cycles


Reduction in Service Costs


RFP Intake Annually

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting