Data Management & IT:

Total Snowflake Oversight

Elementum’s native connection to Snowflake gives you unparalleled visibility into access, consumption, and risk. 

Instantly identify issues and respond accordingly.

pre built app suite showing the apps

Connect Instantly



Native Data Governance in Snowflake

100% Visibility and Control.

Connect and Configure in Minutes

Simply grant Elementum user access, select relevant metadata tables, verify data labels, and confirm mappings. Elementum takes care of the rest.

Centralize Issue Discovery and Resolution

Elementum automatically identifies data anomalies, routes issues to data owners and provides corrective recommendations.

Passively Track Data Activity

Elementum’s activity logs automatically record data, user, and partner requests. With automated assignments, proactive reminders, and detailed  audit trails, you’re always a step ahead.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting