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A New Approach is Needed to Increase Women in the Supply Chain C-Suite and to Close the Talent Gap
By Christy Johnson— CEO at Artemis Connection
Hiring qualified talent is one of the single biggest challenges facing supply chain companies. The demand for supply chain professionals exceeds supply by six to one. Sixty-five percent of respondents in MHI’s 2019 survey rated hiring qualified workers as extremely or very challenging. Ninety-one percent rated it as at least somewhat challenging.”
Gartner Session Summary: Design and Implementation of S&OE Process to Deliver Business Benefits
By Rob Cheng— Head of Product Marketing at Elementum
What stood out most about last week’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference was the emerging consensus around the importance of Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE). The most insightful information was the S&OE case study presented by Marko Pukkila, Gartner Vice President, and Aaron Baker, Director of Operations Inventory Management at Levi Strauss & Co.
Supply Chain Rhapsody
This ballad of balancing your plan caught fire at this year's Gartner Executive Supply Chain Summit. Listen to Elementum's ode to the heroic planner here.
When Bad Things Happen to Good Plans
By Katherine Ross— former VP, Customer & Logistics Services at Johnson & Johnson
As an industry, supply chains have invested billions of dollars in planning capabilities. This is necessary, of course, in order to efficiently produce and get products into the hands of customers. However, as an industry we have done shockingly little in the area of how to deal with reality when things don’t go to plan.
Expect the Unexpected: How an S&OE Center of Excellence can Help Bring Sanity to your Supply Chain
By Rob Cheng— Head of Product Marketing at Elementum
No matter how well your team has done its supply chain planning, it seems like exceptions always keep arising and you’re constantly in fire-fighting mode. Why can’t things ever go to plan? In reality, however, the “unexpected exception” really needs to become the “expected exception”, because they certainly seem to happen often enough.
Unfreezing the Frozen Zone
By Rob Cheng— Head of Product Marketing at Elementum
While organizations spend 30% of their time doing sales & operations planning, in the “liquid zone”, they spend 70% of our time with actual sales & operations execution (S&OE) in the “frozen zone”. Organizations need to consider how a platform designed to support S&OE can provide greater insight and control over your supply chain within the planning time fence — effectively unfreezing your frozen zone.
A Good Economy is the Best Time to Transform Your Supply Chain
By Supply & Demand Chain Executive
A healthy economy and larger profits is the best time to push your supply chain digitization initiatives forward as a top priority. This runway allows breathing room for not only implementing your core projects - be it at the beginning of your digitization journey or years into the process.
Tomorrow's CEOs Will Come from an Unlikely Place: The Supply Chain
By Nader Mikhail— CEO at Elementum
Board members are increasingly turning to leaders who have made careers out of translating the big picture and thousands of moving parts into executional reality. The ranks of future CEOs will be filled with former chief supply chain officers (CSCOs), not only former chief revenue officers or chief financial officers.




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