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Real-time mission control.

Situation Room Doodle Situation Room
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You decide.

Change the focus of a meeting, or the direction of your business.

Observe Observe
Interact Interact
React React

Oh, what a view.

See your data from a whole new perspective.

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Spot emerging issues before they become problems with real-time executive
intelligence—then rally teams to spring into action. And because Situation Room 
runs on the same platform as our Web and mobile apps, you can execute
changes right from where you are.


Set up, sit down.

It's as easy as one, two...that's it.

Dynamically arrange Situation Room to any configuration you want. With just a few clicks of the intuitive remote control app, you can hone in or zoom out as your needs change.

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It’s been my experience that when you get several people together looking at the same data, magical things start to happen. They start to question the data, bounce ideas off each other—and day-by-day, it strengthens the organization. James Rowan, COO, Dyson


But we'll sell it to you anyway.