Don’t Let Stock Fall Through the Gap Between Plan and Reality

Trying to perfect an imperfectible plan is a losing proposition, particularly in the fickle retail industry. Elementum empowers your teams to detect and fix these daily fire drills from supply to omni-channel fulfillment so you keep product on shelves.



"We’re using Elementum to introduce new business models in a competitive market. We’ve been able to navigate around problems and find ways to beat our competition."

Business Line Manager
Fortune 500 Retailer

Supply Chain as an Agile Competitive Weapon

Forget surprises, drive product to shelves
Whether demand spikes because of consumer fads or hiccups from suppliers, Elementum helps you drive around everyday problems. We’ll alert you when you’re deviating against your retail planning, or when a disruption pops up in your product flows, with options right at your fingertips.

With Elementum you get end-to-end visibility tightly coupled with cross-enterprise collaboration so your teams quickly fix problems or find replacements to keep products on shelves.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
If your forecasts are off only 30% of the time, why do your teams spend 80% of their time fire-fighting exceptions? Find out how to bring sanity to your product shortage management process.


Product Features

Ensure on shelf availability
  • Alerting on low inventory and potential stockouts
  • Extend visibility to consignment and VMI models
  • Coordinate allocation and product replacements quickly

Minimize working capital
  • Reduce variability to lower buffer inventory days and lead times
  • Enable inventory shortage alerts before it becomes a crisis
  • Collaborate across suppliers, planners, logistics, and distribution partners

Self-service order and shipment tracking
  • Search and track on orders, shipment IDs, products, etc.
  • Order visibility from production to distribution
  • Disruption and late alerting to spot distressed orders

Lower material, logistics, and distribution disruptions
  • Disruption monitoring on suppliers and logistics movements
  • Material shortage alerting affecting production
  • Collaborate directly with suppliers and carriers in-app

Coordinate multi-channel fulfillment
  • Consolidate inventory visibility across direct, channel, and retail
  • Extend current customer-demand upstream to production
  • Cross-channel inventory and logistics to balance product flows

Quickly detect plan deviations and demand spikes
  • Alerting on actuals exceeding plan and low inventory
  • Utilize alternate inventory and shipment views to ensure continuity
  • Real-time collaboration to instantly pass demand spikes upstream

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