Unlock your Frozen Zone:

Managing Product Shortages in the Digital Age

No matter how good your forecast accuracy, the inevitable changes within lead time leave your teams scrambling and your customers frustrated. Managing potential shortages today is a slow, manual process run with a hodge-podge of disparate screens, spreadsheets, and email threads.

In this webinar, you will learn how Elementum can help your team resolve costly product shortages before they impact customers, through:

  • Auto-discovery of inventory imbalances in your SAP or Oracle systems
  • Personalized alerts with the key data needed to quickly assess issues
  • Collaboration features to drive cross-team resolution faster

Watch The Webinar

There’s managing complexity, and then there’s harnessing complexity. Elementum enables us to navigate supply chain interdependencies, anticipate opportunities, and unlock operational efficiencies.

— Jim Rowan
Former Chief Executive Officer