S&OE: When Bad Things Happen
to Good Plans

Featuring Katherine Ross, former Worldwide VP of Customer & Logistics Services at Johnson & Johnson

You’ve invested in improving S&OP processes and technology for years but your team still spends 70% of their time discovering and fire-fighting unplanned exceptions. As Gartner has said— “There’s S&OP …and then there’s the real world.”

So now what? Complement your current planning process with better sales & operations execution (S&OE) for hidden leverage to optimize and automate your supply chain.

In this video, Katherine Ross, former WW VP of Customer & Logistics Services at Johnson & Johnson draws on her decades of industry experience to share:

  • The central contradiction in efforts to digitize supply chain today
  • How an S&OE process can unlock hidden leverage for your supply chain
  • Why the systematic capture of unplanned exceptions should be a key focus
  • How a data-driven, collaborative approach collapses response times
  • S&OE best practices that help hit critical SLAs at lower cost

Featured Speaker:

Katherine Ross, former Worldwide VP of Customer & Logistics Services at Johnson & Johnson

Katherine Ross has more than 35 years of Supply Chain experience in the Healthcare, CPG, and Food sectors. She has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US; her most recent role was Worldwide VP, Customer and Logistics Services for Johnson & Johnson, leading global logistics and customer service operations across more than 70 countries. She also served as President for Johnson & Johnson Health Care Services and on the board of J&J’s Global Public Health organization. Externally, she serves on the Board of Directors for Voxware and on the Board of Advisors for Elementum. She had previously served on the GS1 US Board of Governors, leading the board Technology committee. Katherine has a Chemical Engineering degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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