Using Real-Time Communication to Solve Supply Chain Chaos: Make Collaboration Simple

Successfully operating in the state of chaos that is today’s supply chain requires real-time communication between teams.

In this panel webinar, learn how Cathy Larson, Senior Commodity Manager at Accuray, works with Jackson Clements, Client Relationships Manager at RESCO Electronics, to tackle real-world supply chain challenges. Get insights on:

  • How real-time collaboration enables quick pivots as the global supply chain suffers from electronic parts shortages
  • How Accuray and RESCO partner to agree on priorities when capacity constraints are identified 
  • How Elementum allows Accuray and RESCO to connect and communicate in real time, share ideas, work together, and make quick decisions

Centralized collaboration and process excellence are key pillars in Accuray’s digital supply chain strategy. Through the implementation of a real-time collaboration platform, Accuray is seeing winning results, including faster response times, real-time visibility to millions of dollars at risk, and a meaningful decrease in total exceptions.

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Featured Speakers

Ron Johnson, Senior Director Global Sourcing at Accuray

After 15 years of serving GE Healthcare in the functions of cost productivity, sourcing, supplier fulfillment and machining, Ron joined Accuray in 2019 to help lead Accuray’s supply chain operations to a new day. With increased focus on efficiency and effectiveness, Ron initially eyed Elementum’s value proposition with a healthy dose of skepticism. Hear his personal journey from skeptic-to-champion.

Cathy Larson, Senior Commodity Manager at Accuray

As a Senior Commodity Manager at Accuray, Cathy is responsible for managing internal and external relationships to provide sustainable cost, quality, availability and technology solutions to her stakeholders. In her current role, Cathy develops multiyear commodity strategies based on business/market intelligence, long-term analysis of the category/commodity and the supply ecosystem. Prior to Accuray, Cathy worked as a Planner/Buyer for GE Healthcare, where she developed a mean reputation for solving problems and a great sense of humor.

Jackson Clements, RESCO Electronics

Jackson is a Client Relationship Manager at RESCO Electronics, responsible for building long-term relationships with clients and developing an understanding of the current market trends to effectively drive solutions that will help clients achieve their goals. Charged with monitoring the company’s performance, Jackson analyzes data metrics including forecasts, on-time delivery and product quality within each client portfolio to ensure high service levels are met and maintained. As the world begins to open up, Jackson is reacquainting himself with overseas travel and plans to take a trip to Barcelona this summer and improve his Spanish speaking skills.

There’s managing complexity, and then there’s harnessing complexity. Elementum enables us to navigate supply chain interdependencies, anticipate opportunities, and unlock operational efficiencies.

— Jim Rowan
Former Chief Executive Officer