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Tomorrow's CEOs Will Come from an Unlikely Place: The Supply Chain
The “Amazon effect” has reset the bar for operational execution, and business leaders must now perfect how they get products to the right place at the right time or risk losing their customers to faster competitors. Because of this dynamic, CEOs of the future will disproportionately come from a traditionally under-appreciated business function: the supply chain.

by Nader Mikhail
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Why Big Data Kills Businesses
Big data has been anointed the savior of big business: it divines the future, reveals our path, and breathes new life into our venerable business models. But in reality, data kills. It kills projects, it kills money, and it kills time.

by Nader Mikhail
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This man is solving every product company’s biggest headache — and billionaire investors are buying into it
For some people, running a business just comes naturally. Nader Mikhail is one of those people. By the age of 13, Mikhail was a top salesman at a local Champs Sports, a job he got by faking his age. In high school, he ran 5 different startups, one of which he later sold when he was 21..

by Eugene Kim
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Going Against the Flow: Nader Mikhail, Founder & CEO of Elementum
Nader Mikhail is the Founder & CEO of Elementum, real-time supply chain platform unifying procurement, logistics, manufacturing, & inventory operations. Nader draws upon over 15 years of supply chain experience at McKinsey and Flextronics, and has degrees from UC Irvine and Stanford University.

by Charu Sharma
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Q&A With Dave Duffield: Elementum, Workday Forge Closer Ties
One of the most successful cloud software companies so far has been Workday Inc., which went public in October 2012 and is trading at more than 28 times revenue, with a market cap of $14.3 billion.

by Deborah Gage
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