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Reporting and Analytics

Analyze Trends and
Optimize S&OE

Leverage a single-source of truth to analyze root causes and drive
S&OE (sales and operations execution) best practices.


Save Time

Don’t waste time trying to squeeze insights out of towering mountains of data from unstructured data sources like emails and meeting notes.

Capture All Exceptions

By systematically capturing all your unplanned exceptions in one place, teams can drive results instead of spending their time chasing information.

Understand Root Causes

Understand root causes and overall performance so you can improve your operational execution with Elementum.


Feature Details

Maximize Team Productivity

Since a major part of the value of a structured S&OE process is analyzing incident patterns and trends to drive best practices, Elementum makes it easy to capture key incident characteristics. Pull reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly cadence to analyze how often teams create incidents and how effectively they manage exceptions. Generate reports to show key metrics, such as incident creation or resolution time by assignment group. This view can show where teams are doing well and where there are opportunities to amend best practices and improve performance.

Identify Root Cause and Recurring Gaps

Armed with this global view of incident management, your team will be able to improve resolution time. Moreover, teams can pinpoint recurring incidents, problem areas, and their root causes for further optimization. Data like this is invaluable not just for real-time S&OE effectiveness, but also enables teams to optimize future S&OP cycles.

Personalized View

Personalize reports for different roles and responsibilities. Elementum reports let you adjust for days, regions, products, ownership, severity and other parameters within your profile. This allows teams to get answers to issues and put plans in place to help mitigate in the short-term, or make changes to processes long-term.

It’s S&OEasy

We’ve developed a simple guide to help

you leverage S&OE right away