Elementum Expands Supply Chain
Management Suite with New Inventory App Powered by World's Product GraphTM

New app provides real-time visibility into inventory in-transit and on-hand.

Mountain View, CA. – September 28, 2016 – Elementum, the real-time supply chain platform company that’s connecting the dots of the $25T product economy, has just expanded its suite of end-to-end supply chain apps. With the release of the Inventory app, Elementum is maximizing velocity across procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and, with this release, inventory management. And it’s all powered by the world’s Product Graph™—a digital mapping of the global product economy—resulting in millions of dollars saved, products shipped, and inventory managed and moved through every part of the supply chain for the company’s Global 500 customers.



“If you don’t know where your inventory is being held and how that relates to demand spikes or disruptions, then you can’t safely move it where it needs to be in your supply chain. That’s why Elementum created the Inventory app, so you can stop chasing down stock and start ramping up strategic decision-making,” explained Elementum Founder and CEO Nader Mikhail. He added that with the Inventory app, customers can reduce inventory in-transit and on-hand and distribution centers by centralizing shipment, carrier, and route performance for better SLAs. They can also  benchmark and optimize carrier selection based on performance to drive efficiency, while proactively monitoring logistics disruptions. “The Inventory app will always show you performance metrics organized by region, product, and site to identify where you can reduce excess stock, avoid stock-outs, and free up cash that can be reinvested in the business. For a typical Global 500 company, this represents $50 million to $100 million of free cash flow for each day of supply chain saved,” Mikhail said. 

You can’t move what you can’t see.
Without real-time visibility into inventory levels, you are navigating in the dark.


Supply chain teams need to be organized in a way that promotes open, transparent, and real-time information sharing—so they can instantly stay up-to-date on both risks and opportunities. Only then can supply chain managers achieve unprecedented visibility and agility within the organization. “But visibility is useless without actionability. That’s where Elementum’s Issue Manager comes in, unifying the company’s entire suite of end-to-end apps—now including Inventory—to sense, analyze and act on issues,” Mikhail said. Teams can quickly collaborate in real-time on issues such as disruptions, quality problems, new customer opportunities, or other supply chain initiatives—including those within Elementum Inventory. Customers know what’s at stake, who’s the lead, and what the priority is to keep inventory down without risking stock-outs.

Unifying the global supply chain to accelerate innovation and customer satisfaction is no easy feat. I’m incredibly proud of my team, and excited to extend our vision to eliminate friction in supply chain—speeding the flow of capital towards new business opportunities.

POWERED BY THE WORLD’S PRODUCT GRAPHTM. To harness the power of the world’s supply chain data, Elementum’s full suite of apps utilizes graph technology, machine learning, and massively parallel processing to digitally map the $25T product economy. The result? Actionable insights, real-time analysis, and early warning signals of potential disruptions. And with a platform that unifies procurement, logistics, manufacturing— and now inventory operations—Elementum is making it easy to identify a single source of truth and drive collective intelligence to capitalize on the power of the company’s cross-industry graph—spanning healthcare, consumer, technology, auto, and industrial verticals.

About Elementum

It’s time to upgrade your supply chain. How? With a real-time platform that unifies procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and inventory operations. Powered by the world’s Product Graph™, Elementum provides a full picture of the global product economy for smarter, more proactive decision-making. Get actionable insights and early warning signals to assign, collaborate on, and resolve issues—from the C-level to boots-on-the-ground. Elementum’s customers include Fortune 500 companies spanning the automotive, healthcare, food & beverage, industrial, consumer, and technology sectors. For more information, visit www.elementum.com.


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