Ready, Set, Launch: Elementum News
Makes You Supply Chain Savvy

Elementum—software solutions powered by the world’s first graph for end-to-end supply chain management—launches news site to bring the story of things to life.

Mountain View, Calif. – August 3, 2015 –

The company that’s making supply chain unapologetically simple is now serving up the news—you guessed it—unapologetically.


With a look and feel that’s akin to the likes of Bloomberg and The Verge, Elementum News provides actionable n-tier supplier news sourcing, combined with savvy journalism and storytelling (yes, there’s a difference). Readers get industry-specific articles, infographics, and videos to:




The new global supply chain is inherently tied to events and happenings around the world at large—with impacts often disguised and hard to quantify. And yet, there’s no source for real-time news focused specifically on supply chain. Until now. Elementum News provides transparency through the use of the company’s product graph™: an interconnected layer of supply chain data that’s making sense of the world’s $30 trillion product economy. Using the millions of suppliers, key logistics hubs, and manufacturing centers in Elementum’s graph, Elementum News provides relevant, meaningful supply chain context for the news and events that impact your business the most.

Elementum News is the highest quality source for supply chain news I get. Period.


Elementum News isn’t just about the technology though. It’s powered by a team of news professionals who work around the clock (literally), monitoring over 10 million articles from 100,000 sources—delivering analysis on top current events. In addition, the website provides a wealth of contributed articles from leading industry professionals, top supply chain professors, and expert economists.

For better or worse, supply chains have to deal with plot twists every day.
Elementum News gets the story straight.


Read all about it—right from your inbox. Elementum also provides a daily supply chain news digest: a free, mobile-friendly source of business intelligence to help you keep up with the fast pace of your global supply chain. By subscribing, you’ll get the most important supply chain-specific news about your industry, 6 days a week. 


About Elementum

It’s time to upgrade your supply chain. How? With a real-time platform that unifies procurement, logistics, manufacturing, and inventory operations. Powered by the world’s Product Graph™, Elementum provides a full picture of the global product economy for smarter, more proactive decision-making. Get actionable insights and early warning signals to assign, collaborate on, and resolve issues—from the C-level to boots-on-the-ground. Elementum’s customers include Fortune 500 companies spanning the automotive, healthcare, food & beverage, industrial, consumer, and technology sectors. For more information, visit


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