Turn Your Files into Automations

Elementum’s File Reader seamlessly processes PDFs and spreadsheets with hundreds of thousands of rows of data in seconds, turning them into triggers for Data Driven Workflows.

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Directly import your spreadsheets or send them as attachments – single files or in bulk. 

More data = more triggers = more automation!

Read and Categorize Data with AI

Elementum automatically reads and processes uploaded data, mapping each column to a  field across the platform. 

Users can edit imports or start using their data to power automations instantaneously

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Create Automation Triggers Effortlessly

Elementum converts every row and column into potentially hundreds of thousands of triggers to automatically initiate actions, such as Send Notification, Start Approval Process, Transform Data, Initiate Survey, Hit Outbound API, Reverse ETL, and much more!

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting


The Workflow Platform for Snowflake

With Elementum, you can leverage your data not just for insights, but to trigger actions that automate workflows directly within your Snowflake Data Cloud.
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Data Driven Workflows: 3 Breakthough Use Cases

Elementum empowers data-driven organizations to achieve actionable results from their data. Download the guide to learn more.

Buyers Guide: Workflow Automation Solutions

This buyer’s guide will help you cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: cloud-native capabilities, data actionability, and no-code app builders. Dive in and compare leading solutions like Appian, Celonis, Mendix, Pega, Power Apps, Quickbase, and of course, Elementum.

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