Dynamic Relationships

Define, join, and maintain complex data relationships without a line of code.

Business process owners know how their data is related. 

Elementum’s no-code interface empowers them to map and automatically manage it without technical support.

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Easy Enough for Business. Powerful Enough for Tech.

Effortlessly Map Relationships

Configure how data is related based on common characteristics in a simple drop-down menu. 

Set up once, and Elementum automatically manages relationships as the underlying data changes.

Join Data Visually

Select Snowflake tables or tasks, elements, and apps in Elementum and join them together in a few clicks.

Perform Calculations Easily

Use AI-assisted prompts to perform complex calculations on dynamically related records, turning raw data into action.

Proactively Mine Data

Changing behavior in related data objects will trigger Elementum to automatically initiate and execute business processes.

Example Use Cases

Priority Ticket Hub

Aggregate various high-priority tickets into a single dashboard for streamlined monitoring and quick resolution.

Purchase Order Tracking

Dynamically connect purchase orders with their respective invoices and shipments for a comprehensive view of the order process.

Shipment Incident Logs

Automatically link damaged goods records to specific couriers, enhancing accountability and logistics management.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

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