Data Mining

Proactively Manage Business Operations

Elementum converts changes in data into triggers that automatically initiate and execute business processes.

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Rapidly Deployable Workflows. Rapidly Accelerated Outcomes.

Eliminate SQL Bottlenecks

Simply drag and drop to create dynamic relationships between data tables, based on common identifiers, for targeted data mining.

Easily Create Action-Triggering Rules

Select from a library of heuristic or ML-based models, or craft your own using NLP. Automations spring to life in response to shifts in patterns, relationships, thresholds, SLAs, and other anomalies.

Set and Forget

Customize data mining frequency to fit your needs: real-time or periodically.

Data Mining in Action: 3 Popular Use Cases

$3500 Savings Per Employee 80% Unused Licenses Reclaimed 48 Hours to Go-Live

Reducing unused software licenses is a $MM opportunity, but 95% of organizations lack visibility into license utilization. Elementum proactively identifies underutilized software consumption and initiates workflows on license exceptions, requests, and renewals

3x Fewer Line Stoppages
75% Reduction in Line Down-Time

Managing large amounts of data across multiple sites makes it impossible to address issues proactively or identify long-term corrective actions.

Elementum continuously mines data from multiple production feeds within Snowflake to automatically trigger an escalation workflow when anomalies are detected.

95% Lane Coverage
$110M Increase in Free Cash Flow

Accurately planning in-transit lead times is impossible because there are typically thousands of shipping lanes and tens-of-thousands of shipments.

Elementum dynamically monitors shipping data against actual transit times, recommended new lead times, and automatically updated POs and planned lead time in SAP.

Data Mining vs. Process Mining Tools

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Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting