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Elementum Surveys allow businesses to easily collect data from vendors and external stakeholders, converting responses into automated triggers for processes like Request for Proposals and more.

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Connect Instantly



Send. Collect. Analyze.

Easily Configure and Personalize

Start fresh or copy and modify. Survey distributors have complete flexibility over survey design. 

Use your company’s branding in the survey and survey-related emails.

Complete and Manage on Your Terms

Survey responders can complete surveys without logging into Elementum.

Distributors can unpublish, edit, and republish surveys directly in Elementum.

Monitor Results in Real-Time

Analyze survey responses, breaking down data by question type, responder information and more.

Automatically Initiate Workflows with Results

Users can turn survey responses into triggers that initiate and execute process automations.

Surveys in Action

Harnessing 4M Rows of Snowflake Data to Transform Drug Pricing Negotiations Into New Revenue Streams


By paying for a third-party to run its labor-intensive and error-prone Request for Pricing (RFP) process, a premier insurance broker was giving up 75% of its revenue and missing opportunities to expand to new business.


The broker can now self-manage its RFP process, capturing 100% of the revenue, and expand RFP coverage without incurring additional costs.

Procurement Graphic Improves experience and increases margin


Shorter RFP Cycles


Reduction in Service Costs


RFP Intake Annually

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting