Never track down approvals over chat or email again

Elementum automatically initiates and executes approval chains, tracking every request from start to finish in one location.

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Easy and Transparent Approvals

Create Approval Flows in Seconds

Set up simple one-step approvals or multi-tiered approval chains in a drag-and-drop interface or using plain text with Elementum’s AI Assistant.

Customize the Triggers that Initiate and Execute Approvals

Customize your approval flows with a variety of Triggers, Conditions, and Actions to meet your unique business requirements.

Ensure Accuracy and Compliance Post-Approval

Elementum automatically updates Snowflake data after approvals are given, triggering new business workflows with your data.

Safeguard data integrity and ensure compliance by locking specific Snowflake fields to prevent changes after approval.

Case Study:

Automating Team Member Request Processes with Elementum


The program management team at a cloud-computing enterprise faced significant delays and inefficiencies from manually processing hundreds of Team Member Requests (TMR) each week.

These requests often remained pending for extended periods due to time-consuming manual analysis, being overlooked or forgotten, or being delayed by staff unavailability.


The company turned to Elementum to automate its TMR process, leveraging Approvals to automatically assign, escalate, and route requests to the appropriate channels.


Average processing time decreased by 95%. The increased efficiency, allowed to team to repurpose three new job requisitions.

Approvals chart between data syncing with elementum and snowflake

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

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