Extend the ROI of Your Snowflake Data Cloud

Elementum is the only Snowflake-native, no-code business process automation solution that effortlessly transforms data into automated workflows, eliminating repetitive and error-prone processes in a few clicks.

Snowflake + Elementum:

A Match Made in the Cloud

Cost-Effective and
Secure by Nature

With Elementum’s native integration in Snowflake, your data is never moved, eliminating costly compute, implementation and extensive maintenance fees while inheriting data governance provisions. 

Data-First Workflows

Elementum unleashes the power of machine learning and generative AI on your Snowflake data. Engineered for dynamic anomaly detection, predictive future values, and actions triggered to automatically kick-start workflows.

Out-of-The Box Ready

Elementum delivers 50* prebuilt apps for process automation alongside NLP for custom creations. Seamlessly achieve total automation by linking commands to source systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

"Elementum empowers our customers to leverage cutting-edge technologies on Snowflake's unified platform. We're thrilled to facilitate workflow creation, alerts, and automation using Elementum on Snowflake's Data Cloud"

- Rosemary DeAragon, Global Head of Industry, Retail & CPG at Snowflake

Snowflake-Native Automations for Any Process, Including:

How It works:

  1. Connect: Link to relevant data tables.
  2. Analyze: Identify unused licenses.
  3. Trigger: Kick-off approval for license reclaim.
  4. Update: Auto-adjusts licenses in Okta.

How It works: 

  1. Detect: Apply AI to spot patterns.
  2. Trigger: Auto-adjust to business conditions.
  3. Automate: Update lead times, no manual work.

How it works: 

  1. Access: Use data from SAP, Resilinc, Soleadify.
  2. Detect: Apply advanced mining to spot risks.
  3. Automate: Launch risk response actions.
  4. Update: Swiftly approve sourcing and update SAP.

See how Elementum + Snowflake can help your business


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