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The Workflow Platform for Snowflake

You’ve successfully onboarded your clients to Snowflake. Now, help them activate it with Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows. 

The Elementum Partner Enablement Program is an opportunity to enhance your data strategy and consulting capabilities and offer top-notch services to your Snowflake clients. 

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Partner Benefits

Expanded Business Services

Unlock new avenues of business with our partner program. Dive deeper into consulting, process design, data engineering, and more, enhancing your offerings and providing unmatched value to your clients.

Lead Generation & Revenue

Capitalize on the contacts you're already making. Get rewarded for leads that transition into clients, turning your networking efforts into tangible revenue streams.

Joint Marketing Ventures

Unlock collaborative marketing opportunities, from co-hosted webinars to shared ad campaigns, amplifying your brand reach and attracting a broader customer base.

Elementum Advantages

100% Snowflake, All the Time

Elementum views – never moves – data. Grant Elementum user access to Snowflake, choose the tables you want to join for your workflows, and go. This strategy dramatically reduces setup time and costs without sacrificing security.

No-Code, Rapidly Deployable Workflows

Business users can build workflows automations in a drag-and-drop interface without relying on technical support.

Tangible Business Value Built-in

Quantify the impact of process automations clearly and confidently with pre-built ROI calculators.

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Join the Elementum Partner Program