Orchestrate Product Availability

  • Proactively identify demand variability and potential product shortages
  • Ensure complete fulfillment of SLAs from factories and suppliers
  • Properly deploy inventory across distribution centers and warehouses



"You can’t act on what you can’t see. Elementum’s insights help drive our velocity, and each day of improvement results in $65M in free cash."

Tom Linton
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Flex
Receive proactive notifications and follow joint workflows across teams and partners to solve problems before they impact customers.


Solution Capabilities

Proactively manage availability of your product at each location
  • Get alerted to inventory shortages and excesses at any of your chosen sites
  • Effectively manage your inventory balances across multiple locations
  • Mitigate stock-outs and effectively manage inventory costs

Get early warning regarding orders at risk
  • Be alerted to any missed or partial finished goods shipments against purchase orders
  • Get visibility to any late or partial shipments directly impacting purchase orders
  • Collapse the time it takes to identify and resolve product availability problems

Receive proactive notifications for unexpected product shortages
  • Be alerted early to potential shortages against any sales orders
  • Reduce the struggle you have to manage any supply and demand variability
  • Minimize fire-fighting with a multi-enterprise workflow across teams and partners
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